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Watch Tucker Carlson EMBARRASS Anti-Trump Protester Who Doesn’t Believe in Borders



Student protests continue all over the country on college campuses since Trump won the election. The participation trophy generation have been taught to whine if they don’t get their way and that they’re special little cupcakes. 

Alex Uematsu, a Rutgers University student, joined Tucker Carlson and when the topic of immigration came up, Tucker made him look like a FOOL! (Watch The Video Below)

After it was clear Alex believed in open borders, Tucker asked, “Do you think people have the right to lock their doors, or do they have an obligation to let anyone in who chooses to come?”.

Alex pretended like he didn’t understand the question, and then he said “it isn’t a direct analogy,” and said a nation-state is not like a house, to which Tucker responded “Well, it belongs to it’s citizens so they should be able to decide who comes in or out, do you agree?”.

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Carlson pointed out that most of the people entering the country illegally are low-wage workers who represent a net cost to taxpayers.

“You believe then that taxpayers have a moral obligation to subsidize anyone who wants to come here?” Carlson said.

He added that corporations and big businesses are in favor of illegal immigration, as it drives down wages and labor costs.

“Do you realize that you’re part of that?” Carlson asked. “They’re fully on your side with bringing [in] the low-wage labor … It benefits them too.”

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  • deb says:

    Young ” edumacated” idiot.

  • CF