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The U.S. women’s soccer team won the World Cup on Sunday, but in the process continued its trend of creating controversy.

Minutes after the 2-0 game ended in Lyon, France, U.S. midfielder Allie Long was holding an American flag when forward Megan Rapinoe urged her to join in on a choreographed celebration for the cameras.

To do so, Long simply dropped Old Glory on the ground.

U.S. player Kelley O’Hara, who was forced to the sidelines after a hard collision left her with concussion-like symptoms, quickly jumped in to pick up the flag.

Twitterers were not happy.

“Drop the flag for some self glory. Perfectly sums them up,” one wrote.

“I think it’s GREAT the woman’s soccer team won but don’t disrespect the American Flag by dragging it on the ground and dropping it just to take a picture. WAY too many damn men and women died to protect what that flag stands for,” another wrote.

“Hi @ALLIE_LONG we all want to celebrate this awesome victory with you but when players disrespect our flag, you make it impossible for the vast majority of the country,” wrote yet another.

One wrote the incident “wasn’t an accident. It was clearly a continuing of the disrespect for our flag and our country.”

The U.S. team has been mired in controversy since the beginning of the World Cup. After scoring the second goal in the World Cup for a 2-1 win over England last Tuesday, player Alex Morgan celebrated by pretending to drink a cup of tea, hoisting a pinkie in the air.

That poor sportsmanship didn’t go over well with a former England player.

“I expected Alex to grab a goal but I’m not that happy with that celebration,” said Lianne Sanderson. “You can celebrate how you want, but for me that is a bit distasteful, and I don’t think she needs to do that.”

“For me, I could be wrong, but it’s based upon playing against England,” said Sanderson, who played for England’s team that came in third in 2015. “We love our tea in England. I’m not a tea drinker, but that’s what we’re connected with, so I think it’s a little bit distasteful.”


  • Jon Wisdom says:

    Get over that made up tea drinking controversy. It is stupid. Let them do what they want. But when you are on TEAM USA – DO NOT DISRESPECT THIS COUNTRY!!!!

  • Patrick Rodgers says:

    Another American bimbo showing disrespect for not only the flag but for her country as well. Players like her and Rapinoe should never have been allowed to be on the team. Hats off to Kelly O’Hara for stepping in and rescuing our flag. Any fool knows you never let the American flag touch the ground.

  • RIC CARTER says:

    Deny re-entry into the US. They don’t belong here.

  • Chuck Coyne says:

    Wow… disrespect …. total embarrassment.

  • Ray Hart says:

    I have one question. Why is there a Un American on our USA team. That person is a disgrace.

  • souperd says:

    This group of lezzies don’t represent my country. They represent glorification of the self not of the nation. Video proves my point. But then again it’s what we’ve come to expect from this group. I continue to believe that the increasing of interest in soccer on our society directly correlates with the downward spiral of our country and it’s values. Remember nobody can play a bad game of soccer, it’s the perfect millennial participation sport.

  • CF