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Will Witt of PragerU hit the road again recently and found himself on the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, where he asked students at the exclusive school, “How many genders are there?”

As you might expect from students on the ultra-woke campus, Witt got a lot of answers that went far beyond a simple “just male and female.”

One student Witt interviewed told him there are an “infinite” number of genders.

“You can’t put things in boundaries,” she told him. “You can define yourself as whatever you want, and I don’t have a number for it, so it’s infinite for me.”

Another student said, “I identify as a guy, but if someone is gonna be happier not following that binary thing, do you.”

“There’s a spectrum of genders,” another student offered, “you can’t really say.”

“For me gender is, like, a construct,” another student said, adding that “gender is something that’s made up, so sex is something that’s biologically given to us, so I don’t know to be honest.”

Another student said “there’s, like, 72-plus or something” genders and named a handful, including “third gender, cisgender, agender, cis-woman, cis-man, nonbinary/other.”

One student told Witt that there are “a lot” of genders and that “you can just like invent them, I guess.”

Witt asked a female student if a man identifies as a woman — and still sports a penis — can he use a woman’s restroom, she replied yes.

“If they’re a woman, they’re a woman,” she said.

Here’s the clip:

  • William says:

    If you are born with a penis and testes, you are a man and always will be a Man/Male!! If you are born with a vagina and ovaries, you are a woman and always will be a Woman/Female!! So there are TWO GENDERS!!!! It’s really scary what’s coming out of “higher education” nowadays!!!

  • Rod Larson says:

    Libtardation is a mental disorder.

  • Andy Barger says:

    This is the dumbing down of America at its core. When our young are brainwashed our future is uncertain.

  • Guido says:

    Expensive indoctrination.

  • Sharon says:

    Such educated and brainwashed morons!!!!

  • Robert Gray says:

    The education these idiots get borders on insane and yet no one what’s to call out the school system. All students are doing is getting indoctrinated into believing this crap. There is and only ever will be 2 genders possibly three if you include hermaphrodites.

  • Thomas Hoffman says:

    I’m overweight, but I identify as thin, so that makes me trans-slender.

  • CF