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PLEASE WATCH: This Heartbreaking Video Is the Real Reason Why Trump Bombed Syria



The next time you hear a wishy-washy left-winger talk about how we didn’t have to bomb Syria, don’t forget to FIRMLY remind them that the safety of their friends and family relied on it.

President Trump called in a total of 60 missiles to destroy a Syrian air base that housed chemical weapons. He was in a position where he had to make a choice that was going to resonate with the rest of the world, and, in this case, he made the best choice possible. After all, what president — what HUMAN BEING, for that matter — could see the faces of the bereaved and not act?

The Syrians took a devastating loss when they were bombed by their own president, Bashar al-Shayrat. The chemical warfare attack took the lives of 80 people, including 30 children.

In the video, you can see a man named Abdul Hamid al-Yousef mourning the loss of his family. In total, he lost 19 family members. The most important being his wife and two children.

It is heartbreaking to see his reaction and disgusting to know that his two innocent children died at the hands of the president of his own country in a senseless attack. Something needed to happen that would send a strong message to the Syrian government.

Our president decided to take matters into his own hands, and it is easy to see why. If you listen to Yousef’s sobbing words “My children…my children…They were beautiful…Say goodbye babies..Say goodbye.” You can see that there were no other options.

This savage government had to be taught a lesson. They needed to understand that they are on notice and further action WILL be taken if necessary.

These people had no problem bombing and killing their own people. They would obviously have no qualms about taking equal or greater action against us.

Losing any more of our children is simply not an option. Yes, OUR children — children belong to the world, not a country or a state. We can NOT sit idly by and let the Syrian president do whatever he wants. Killing a child, no matter what country he or she was born in, is an affront to all of us with even a shred of human decency.

Before President Trump, we were seen as spineless. We had a president who was in bed with half of the Middle East and would barely make empty threats, let alone do something about the issue at hand. Now we have someone who is not going to take that nonsense from anyone. Trump has openly spoken out against different countries that have a habit of self harming or harming others. He let them know that they are on watch and this type of behavior will not be accepted or disregarded.

Once again, President Trump has kept his promise to make America safe again. And, simultaneously, the world, and ALL of our children.

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  • Pataki János says:

    Ez az egész, egy CIA művelet volt! Egy a sok közül, és csak arra jó, hogy az amerikai népet meghülyítse, Trump-ot meg arra kényszerítse, hogy támadjon. Kizárólag az amerikaiak érdekét szolgálta a gáztámadás, és valószínű, hogy vagy szaúdi, vagy szírnek álcázott amerikai gépekkel hajtották végre. ugyanúgy mint 1940-be mi a Kassa bombázását, csak azért, hogy hábotúzhassunk

  • CF