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WATCH – Viral Video Shows Every Time Rachel Maddow Was WRONG About Trump Losing



The liberal pundits during this election cycle claimed Trump was a terrible candidate and that he was headed for a Barry Goldwater-style landslide.

Well, now many of them are living with the reality that no, Hillary didn’t win. In particular, Rachel Maddow was hilariously wrong, projecting that Donald Trump didn’t have a snowball’s chance in the July sun. 

This was actually a classic election where liberals were in their bubble and did not attempt to listen to anyone else. It has happened before, but not on this scale.

Back in 2004, when John Kerry squared off against George W. Bush, most liberals thought Kerry would be able to pull it off. He wasn’t able to do it, and one commentator famously noted how incredulous the liberals were, because “all of their friends voted for Kerry.”

Of course, the same principle is holding true here again as the left is desperately trying to find election fraud under every hidden rock or stone, and it is akin to someone trying to find Bigfoot or aliens. It hasn’t worked, and the main reason is because they are out-of-touch.

The biggest example of this is the pollsters, who apparently did not pick up on the pulse of the American public. They had explosive odds against him, some even giving Hillary a 97% chance of winning this election. But it did not happen that way.

Liberals such as Rachel Maddow did not count on the perfect storm of their own bias matched up with an immensely flawed candidate. Hillary has proven time and again she does not have the nation’s best interests at heart. When she famously quipped, “with a cloth or something?” when she was asked whether she wiped the server the press should have gotten a clue.

What does the press and Hillary think we are? Do they think we are stupid or something? And do they think we are stupid enough to believe that 63 million people in this country are racist and intolerant towards others? Newsflash Liberals: that rhetoric doesn’t work.

But it’s okay, because Rachel Maddow and the others have a readily-approved excuse from their President. Obama said that every bar and coffee shop had on Fox News, so that must be the reason why Hillary lost. Oh brother.

No, Hillary lost because Obama hasn’t done as well as he or the liberals think he has. Americans got fed up, and much like the “Brexit” voters in the United Kingdom, we have a tendency to do some surprising things when we’ve had enough. Your expert analysis actually was a big fat goose egg, Rachel.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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