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What is wrong with Congressman Jerrold Nadler?

House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) on Wednesday appeared to lose his balance before awkwardly shuffling away from the lectern as Speaker Pelosi gave a presser.

Nadler put his bare hand on the shared podium to stabilize himself before limping and shuffling away.


Twitter users weighed in:

  • Bj says:

    Either the devil is eating his obese azz from the inside out or his pants are too tight around his neck and he’s choking. Either way, no big loss

  • ed says:

    Really sad that these dems–Biden, Pelosi, Nadler, Ginsburg–are or were so ill they couldn’t really do their jobs yet they refuse to retire so people better mentally fit can take the reigns. Satan is calling them home.

  • Randy says:

    “Here I stand,
    I $hit my pants,
    only wanted to be farted.”

  • Matt says:

    Pelosi often makes people shit themselves when she talks.

  • JC Waterwalker says:

    The man is obviously incapacitated. Remove him from office !!!

  • robert says:

    I think he is due for a sphincter valve replacement.

  • Robert Carpenter says:

    Maybe Nadler got a contact buzz from standing to close to Nancy and she breathed towards him.

    Notice shortly after the drunk Nancy pulled her mask down and turned in his direction speaking he soon appeared to become uncomfortable and unstable. Must have got intoxicated by her breathe

    or shit himself

  • CF