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Whoopi Goldberg Gets BAD News After Launching Vile Rant Against Trump



Whoopi Goldberg has spent the last few months launching vile attacks on Donald Trump during her struggling liberal talk show The View. On Tuesday, she embarked on her latest anti-Trump rant by slamming him for participating in a feud with Congressman John Lewis.

Ignoring the fact that Lewis started the feud last week when he said Trump was not a “legitimate” president, Whoopi criticized Trump for firing back at the politician on Twitter.

“You can’t do it for eight years and then be pissed off that someone does the same thing to you, comrade,” Goldberg barked, referring to Trump’s questions of President Barack Obama’s legitimacy. “Look, that’s what America is built on, man. And if you’re going to be the president you’ve got to get yourself right, because people are going to be coming at you because now there are questions about your presidency. Maybe the same kind of BS questions you might have had if you’d been thinking, had you thought about this.”

According to Raw Story, Whoopi then claimed that Whoopi claimed that Trump picked fights with several people this past weekend, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, NATO, CIA director John Brennan and Alec Baldwin.

“You’ve got too much time on your hands, man,” Whoopi said. “You better be trying to figure out what to do!”

Unfortunately for Whoopi, the viewers ended up siding with Trump over her, and many took to Twitter to let her know just how ignorant they think she is:

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Source: Conservativeworlddaily

  • Nancy McClellan says:

    Leave the country. No need for you here

  • Beulah Fleece says:

    What can I say these women are all stupid. So….Lewis got knocked in the head 30-50 years ago does that mean he can never be criticized the rest of his life???

    • He maybe have been good when involved in the civil rights march but he had no right to state what he did against Trump. It has been proven no Russian involvement! Like many of the other accusations. They just won’t admit Trump had an honest win!! Stop therumors and support the POTUS!!

  • judy cook says:

    I think Whoopi is a disgrace to our nation and hurts “The View”!! She is ALWAYS ranting about something.. and most of the time she does not have any idea of what she is talking about.. I think you would have more viewers if you let her go an get someone with more brains and knowledge on lots of subjects!!! She is a “has been!!”

  • boots babushka says:


  • Carl Aiken says:

    Well I think it’s time to stop paying her and Oprah and Rosie Clooney, and all the star out of a job

  • Charlotte Perrin says:

    I personally feel, that Whoopi would do well to listen a lot more and absorb what was said, before she comments off the top of her head! She monopolizes that show, raises her voice and flings her arms, to the point I think the others on the show, are hesitant to talk!!! This didn’t happen, as much, when Barbara Walters was on that show!!! In other words, it will take a very strong minded person, to get this show back on track!!

  • CF