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Whoopi Goldberg Runs Her Big Mouth at Sean Hannity… GETS A BRUTAL RESPONSE [VIDEO]



Ever since Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in the presidential election, liberals have been whining about how “unfair” the result is. Now, Fox News host Sean Hannity has finally had enough.

“The collective freakout from the crybaby left is now reaching mind-numbing levels,” Hannity began, adding that liberal feminists are cutting and dyeing their hair “because they want to feel empowered in order to oppose president-elect Trump.”

American News reported that Hannity went on to slam CNN’s Van Jones for “working with Republican Electoral College electors who plan on voting against Donald Trump on Dec. 19.” He then turned his attention to the women of The View, recounting how Whoopi Goldberg told women they need to “watch their uteruses” under a Trump presidency.

“Ladies, your uteruses will be fine,” Hannity responded.

Nice try, Whoopi, but Sean Hannity just OWNED you!

Hannity then shifted to liberal filmmaker Michael Moore, who has called for a rebellion and claimed Trump would trigger an “onslaught of suffering.”

“Michael, calm down,” Hannity argued. “The suffering happened under Obama. Thirteen million more Americans that are on food stamps, eight million more in poverty, lowest labor participation rate since the 70s, that’s Obama’s policies.”

“All of this is so beyond ridiculous, but, to my friends in the audience, let me translate what all this means,” Hannity concluded. “It’s pretty simple. They lost, they can’t handle it, and you won. And hopefully, America wins.”

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Source: Truthmonitor

  • Gail Currin says:

    A punch in the stomach? Didn’t you see it coming. I sure did. What country do these people live in? I could see what was going on long before Donald Trump showed up. But when he did, I went from Democrat to Republican in a nano second and have backed him from the beginning. I knew we could win if we just stood up, spoke up. supported him and voted for him and won the election. It was clear to be it could be done.

    • J.D says:

      I am just curious did you receive your Russian Flag when you voted Trump or did you have to stop and buy one on your way home

    • Rae Markley says:

      I agree with Gail but all you people that are reading
      about Whoopie and her cohorts did you expect anything less from these idiots .That is exactly what they are and sll this time how can anyone not just democrats but republicans realize what OBAMA was trying to do to this country and if HILLARY got in it roukd be the same thing all over again and you people must realize OBAMA took it upon himself to surround him with fellow MUSLIMs in the white house .What he wanted was up be the dictator to this country and bring it down to MUSLIM level .Ibthsnk God for our President elect Donald Trump

  • Bambi says:

    They are all so pathetic. Don’t know if you will feel sorry for them or otherwise.

  • Vicki Peck says:

    What a bunch of idiots. The working class cannot afford to miss one day of work for a crying party, When these babies in an adult body has to pay their own bills they will not be going on a crying routine. What a Joke these people are.

  • CF