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Whoopi Just Came with MAJOR Announcement About Trump – Nobody Expected THIS



Whoopi Goldberg is giving Trump another “chance” regarding his presidency. Well, it’s not even close to what you’re thinking right now.

The 61-year-old actress doesn’t spare anyone, but this surprised everyone. Whoopi has the perfect explanation for her actions.

She spoke to The Daily Telegraph right before her Stand Up Live show at the London Palladium. Whoopi said that politics has changed so much recently in both Europe and US.

Whoopi said: “On both sides of the pond, people were caught with their pants down.

“I so clearly remember my mother saying that she never thought she’d live to see a black man in the White House.”

Whoopi was asked whether the struggle between Trump and Hillary was hard during the election season, and she admitted: “It was, but I’m giving him a chance.

“What else can I do?”

When asked about the option of jumping off the Empire State Building because of Hillary’s loss, Whoopi said: “No, because that would mean I wouldn’t be around to pay attention and to scream and rail when things go wrong.”

“It’s like everything: if you take yourself out of the equation, you can’t complain.”

Whoopi added: “So I’m dealing with this stuff every day. It’s a forum. I’ve talked many times about Trump’s attitude to women and to black people, two subjects on which I feel entitled to speak.”

What do you think about Whoopi? Is she really giving Trump a chance?

Source: Worldpoliticus

  • Carla says:

    Regardless of whether she was a Trump supporter initially or not, it can only help EVERYONE for her to speak out regarding supporting him as our President. There are those who take her words to heart (we hope). Only we can change racism in the US no matter what. Each and every one of us is responsible to stop racism in any form. Speak out when you see something wrong – lets get our noses out of our phones and re-engage! That is the solution no matter who is in the White House. Please do your part to stop all of the inequities in our world. That is truly the first step. It begins and ends with YOU!

  • Brian says:

    After a snake sheds it skin, it’s still a snake!

  • Mary Morrison says:

    Who Cares!

  • Jorge says:

    What happened, Wooopie, Canada didn’t allow to get in there to start discrediting the country as you do with the USA or you didn’t know that you needed a visa, you are so ignorant that you don’t know you need permission to enter other countries?

  • Jon Edwards says:

    The truth is, she may be starting to understand nobody’s going to listen to anyone in Hollywood. We have all learned the hard way when we let the media try to influence us. Fool us once shame on you, fool us twice and we’re all dead. Ain’t planning on dying anytime soon.

  • Diana says:

    If anyone believes her crap, than there is a real problem going on, she needs to be gone, not trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes.

  • W. Bowles says:

    I just saw whoopies comments in regards to Mr. Trumps election and she asked “what else can I do?” Excuse me but isn’t she one of many who said they were leaving the country and moving to Canada? Its clear to me that she should follow through with her threats and leave. She could take the rest of her dog and pony show pals with her.

  • CF