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Whoopi: Liberal Hollywood Celebrities ARE THE REAL VICTIMS (VIDEO)



Whoopi Goldberg of The View is tired of all this Hollywood bashing.

Don’t you know Liberal celebrities are the real victims here?

Yesterday, Whoopi used her show to address backlash over Meryl Streep’s obnoxious speech at the Golden Globe awards.

The Washington Examiner reports:

Mainstream Scream: Whoopie says liberals are Hollywood’s victims

“Stop using Hollywood as this bad word. Let me remind everybody that in the ’70s, and prior to that, Hollywood was really sort of run by the right-leaning groups. That’s how we ended up with McCarthyism and all of these so-called lefties being rounded up and eaten, basically, for their beliefs.

“Secondly, a lot of actors have always come from real life, so they have a different thing, a different way of looking at stuff. So, stop painting this idea. Because, you know, harking back to the conversation we had, I’ve been thinking about it, and I remember that I can’t name one right-leaning person who has ever lost their job for being a right-leaning person, but I can name you at least 15, 20 people who lost their ability to make a living, including myself, because of right-leaning folks saying, oh, you said that, you shouldn’t be saying that.”

Watch the video:

  • Anita says:

    I am so sick of her and the view! Plz in the name of all mighty GOD, get rid of them and her! They are all sick, and they keep spreading the evil across this nation!

  • CF