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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle blasted the “uncomfortable” history of the Commonwealth in a newly released July 1 video call with the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust about the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement taking the world by storm.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex said the world cannot move forward until it “rights the wrongs” of the Commonwealth’s past.

So woke!

“It’s not going to be easy and in some cases it’s not going to be comfortable, but it needs to be done,” he said, explaining institutional racism still exists “because someone, somewhere, is benefiting from it”.

Meghan Markle, who is half black, said she has had personal experience of racism and added that, “we’re going to have the be a little uncomfortable right now” so the world can “push through” to “get to the other side.”

“Equality does not put anyone on the back foot, it puts us all on the same footing – which is a fundamental human right and that’s what we’re talking about here,” Markle added.

Between Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the Monarchy isn’t having a good week.


  • Marilyn says:

    The Queen will be taking little Harry to the woodshed for a good ass whooping see what happens when you marry a commoner.

  • glenn says:

    Harry is a pussy who lets this tramp, destroy his life, his family ties. I certainly would not want to be married to this bossy BITCH!

  • PT says:

    So they aren’t using their names and past positions to make it “easy” for themselves? They are no different than other elitists that preach from their ivory towers. I have a bad feeling there will be some unhappy times ahead for Harry.

  • Claire says:

    Trying to stay relevant, are we?

  • CF