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A group of Antifa militants staged a protest in Seattle over the weekend, conservative journalist Andy Ngo reported, and the notoriously violent leftists did their usual Antifa thing: Dressing in black hoodies, wearing masks, and taunting police.

The officers appeared to be protecting a small group of pro-America demonstrators.

At one point the Antifa militants burned a thin blue line American flag while standing at the base of the statue of John Harte McGraw, Washington’s second governor.

But a police officer sprayed the fire out — which ignited anger among Antifa militants.

One militant actually yelled at the cop who doused the flames, “What the f*** is wrong with you?”

Another Antifa guy shouted, “Suck a d**k, you fat motherf***ers!”

Undeterred, the Antifa faithful grabbed the partially burned flag and lit it on fire again — which made them all very happy, including one woman protesting with Antifa, who stood out due to her lack of a mask and the pink accents with her clothing.

At another point amid Antifa’s antics, that same woman decked out in pink tried rushing the cops’ bike line. Video shows her running at the officers and getting shoved backward.

Now, most folks at this point would acquire some mental clarity and conclude that messing with cops in this way is a bad idea. But this is Antifa we’re talking about, and given that they tend to get away with a quite a bit, the woman naturally ran at the police line again.

Her second attempt to rush cops, however, was met with a bit more force — and the officers put her butt right on the pavement.

The other Antifa militants ran over to help the woman up and move her away from police.

And one officer made it very clear to them all: “Do not rush into a bike line!”

With that, all the Antifa dudes could do was yell at police some more and hold aloft a communist flag.

And the peaceful, pro-USA demonstrators simply soldiered on.

Here’s the clip. (Content warning: Language):

  • Chaz says:

    Find it interesting that many years ago a law was passed (federal, I think) making it illegal for members of the Ku Klux Klan to cover their faces. They wore hoods up until that moment and then woe unto anyone wearing a hood – until recent years when these Antifa mutts are simply allowed to cover their faces without penalty. Strange world.

  • LST says:

    Each one of those scum deserves a bullet in the head.

  • Wilson says:

    Napalm, why waste good ammo or tax payers money?

  • Kamkoz says:

    These people sound, dress, and act, like they are 12 or younger. Let me rephrase that… I know 12 year olds that act more adult than these people do.

  • rcb says:

    Their mommies must be soooo proud of these face hiding,corrupt,foul mouthed,no job,sucking from the government tit, SNOWFLAKE ASSHOLES….

  • Bob says:

    Pepper spray the militant bastards EVERY time they burn a flag!

  • CF