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WOW: Judge Jeanine Drops A BOMBSHELL…Proves Hillary Should Be In PRISON! [WATCH]



By now, it is apparent that Democrat presidential scammer Hillary Clinton, is not going to be prosecuted by the DOJ or even scolded by the mainstream media for her abhorrent crimes.

Crimes that would’ve landed any person, other than Hillary, into the deepest, darkest dungeon the Justice Department could find to put them in, probably never again to see the light of day.

Judge Jeanine Pirro, who’s been a staunch critic of Obama and now his potential successor, Hillary Clinton, is being very vocal about why the American people should not vote for Hillary.

FOX News had the video and Yes I’m Right recounted what Pirro said:

Pirro recounted recent revelations that described an apparent quid pro quo offered by Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy to an FBI agent–who later refused the deal–to reclassify an official document that was to be reviewed as part of the investigation into whether Clinton mishandled classified information.

“Kennedy then makes the same offer to the FBI head of counter-intelligence. And when this offer is refused, Kennedy…asks ‘will the FBI make a public statement about this?’,” Pirro said, “When they told him they will not, he knows the coast is clear–they’ll deal with the FBI and DOJ later, but for now, Hillary can publicly lie to all of us.”

“The state department–the one that wouldn’t allow the inspector general [to execute] oversight, and had no Hillary Clinton information for the press–suggests the FBI is lying [about Kennedy’s reported offer],” Pirro said of the situation when Congress became suspicious of possible wrongdoing after the documents were released.

“Others say ‘quid pro quo’s…are what they do in Washington’,” she said, “But not declassifying and destroying top secret information on Benghazi–which is under federal subpoena to be retained and preserved of a pathological liar who is running [for president]?”

“For centuries, Lady Justice, with bandages over her eyes, symbolizes that justice is blind–that it matters not who you are–no one is above the law and no one is below it—tonight, though, there are tears beneath those bandages,” she said.

Everything Judge Pirro said is right on target and there is absolutely no reason that Hillary isn’t facing criminal charges.

The only explanation is America’s system of justice has been abrogated and replaced with criminal injustice!

It’s going to take a Donald Trump presidency and a Trey Gowdy congressional investigation to prosecute the Clintons and the next target for prosecution should be the mainstream media for colluding with the Democrats to protect her!

Source: Proud-patriots

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