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WOW: Judge Jeanine Pirro Was Given This Role By Trump After Leaving Trump Tower!



Judge Jeanine Pirro at fox News has made some huge progress in her career and for Donald Trump. She began as a country court judge and now she has come along way.

Not so long ago, she was seen at the Trump Tower in Manhattan, where she had a private one-on-one meeting with new President-Elect Donald Trump.

The two have a long relationship of support and respect. They first met when Pirro was elected as the first female judge in the Westchester County Court.

Furthermore, she served as district attorney of Westchester County.

Alongside collaborator and co-citizen, Rudy Giuliani, the two were seen entering the Trump Tower building.

Although the reason for attending the Trump Tower is unknown, it is suspected that the topic was concerning her part in the elections and how she helped Trump in the process. She was one of the most vocal and outspoken supporters of Trump, always making sure he was not misinterpreted or taken advantage of.

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Source: Conservative 101

  • joseph tam says:

    supreme court justice

  • Gail Currin says:

    I have always liked and supported Judge Jeannine. Any one of several places for her to serve would work for me.

  • Thomas says:

    Think she would make a great addition to the Supreme Court! Bring back some sanity to this group of liberal justices!

  • Bobby Moore says:

    It doesn’t tell anything as to what her role is. How can we say what we think of it? Need to be more info on what is being told.

  • Junia Lomax says:

    Your title is misleading. It says she was given a role, but nothing in the story mentions a role. I get tired of reading the same content over again just under a different and misleading title.

  • CF