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Bill and Hillary Clinton were all smiles in Illinois on Saturday, hours after the death of the former president’s old friend Jeffrey Epstein and the finger-pointing by conspiracy theorists that followed.

Social media users shared images of the beaming couple – Bill in a navy suit and blue tie and his wife in a white button-up blouse and cardigan – at the Metropolis Ballroom in Arlington Heights, Illinois on Saturday afternoon.

Nathan Elleson shared a selfie of himself with the Clintons, writing: ‘I always love being able to spend time and discuss things with Bill & Hillary – they’ve seen so much in their time as POTUS & SecState. Although we’ve had some major political differences throughout the years, they really are good people and they mean well.

‘We had a very positive/productive talk (they seem to be on board). I’m excited for some big announcements coming in 2020. Big things.’

It comes as conspiracy theorists suggest the Clintons had some kind of involvement in Epstein’s death, and one even scrawled ‘XOXO Hillary + Bill’ on the sidewalk outside Epstein’s $77million Upper East side townhouse.


Nathan Elleson shared a selfie of himself with the Clintons, writing: ‘I always love being able to spend time and discuss things with Bill & Hillary’

Another Instagram user shared this picture of himself with a smiling Bill Clinton in Arlington Heights

The FBI raided the home in July, where they allegedly uncovered a ‘vast trove’ of hundreds or even thousands of lewd photographs of young women or girls.

The ‘XOXO’, meaning ‘hugs and kisses’ – is a way of signing off a message so it appears as though it was written by Hillary and Bill Clinton.

The message follows the #ClintonBodyCount hashtag that circulated on social media by conspiracy theorists in an effort to point fingers at Bill and Hillary, adding to the speculation and confusion surrounding Epstein’s Saturday morning death.

Photos show light blue lettering outside Epstein’s $77million Upper East side townhouse, one of the largest private homes in Manhattan

  • Carl says:

    I’m betting he was murdered so he could not rat on anyone.

  • S says:

    She looks like shit!!

  • RockyMtn1776 says:

    My guess is there were big, expensive parties thrown on a worldwide basis the night of Epstein’s death.
    He’s dead, they don’t have to worry anymore about him talking.
    Even Vegas wasn’t taking any bets on how long he would live while in prison, he was a dead man walking and he knew it. Don’t expect anything of merit to come out of this, it will end up just like the Vince Foster murder. Nothing will be done and that speaks volumes about our government and our citizens who let them get away with it. Almost sounds like a banana republic where any real Justice is concerned.

  • ca says:

    i’m looking forward to hearing of their (expected) suicide, seems only fitting… someone has got to be pissed enough…

  • ca says:

    hey nathan, you might want to think about going into hiding….you’ve just taken a selfie w/the devil…. these creatures are not your friends….

  • Eric says:

    The Klinton’s mean well? Is this clown smoking dried Obama feces in his bong?

  • Annabel says:

    CONSPIRACY THEORISTS? Pages and pages of early deaths of those, who had the goods on the Clintons? All of which were brushed under the rug? Move along nothing to see here. Let’s see what happens to the myriad of EVIDENCE gathered by several different agencies….

  • CF