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Late last month the NBA announced it would no longer use the term “owner” to describe individuals who own teams in the League. Instead, they will be called “governors.” From TMZ:

NBA commissioner Adam Silver says moving away from the term “owner” makes sense — telling TMZ Sports, “We moved away from that term years ago.”

We broke the story … multiple NBA teams (including the Clippers and 76ers) have stopped using the title owner because they feel it’s racially insensitive in a league where the majority of the players are black.

When we saw Silver out in NYC, we asked if he supported the decision and how the league office is handling the issue.

During his show earlier this week, ESPN radio host Stephen A. Smith addressed the issue and did not hold back.

“It’s my house! I own it! I don’t own you, but I own it! The idiocy! Politically correct world we’re living in. We have to literally have a discussion to the point it becomes a media story line.”

“Oh my God! An owner says he owns his team, that’s offensive to people. Y’all are smoking crack!” he said. “Something is wrong with you people. What the hell has this world come to?!”


Other sports radio hosts have also weighed in on the issue.

  • FRED H. SMITH says:

    these DUMB atheletes do not understand the situation,…IF I pay all the bills,, hire and fire players,least the stadiums and sign all pay checks then what am I,,I am the owner of the franchise,, you as a player are an employee, nothing else,,,,when you want to buy me out then you can run your own show but until then I am still the OWNER.. like it or not.. aka BOSS

  • PT says:

    So I guess none of us own our homes. We are just contributing to it’s existence.

    • Frank says:

      You can never own your home anyway. Don’t believe me? Try not paying property taxes.
      I agree however that to be so sensitive that the term “owner” could bother you is ludicrous.

  • Joe says:

    The nba is now a pile of shit. If am paying the bills then im the OWNER….. Not a fucking governor. What a bunch of assholes. You have carried this slave shit toooooo far. I will no longer watch the nba. Governor not owner. What shit, only if i get to call the blacks Slaves.

  • John J Slavick says:

    What are we in grand ol England, Governor! They own the franchise, you’re free now, if you don’t like the masta you’re working for then look for another plantation (I mean franchise) to work at! Total B.S.

  • Elphupphy says:

    Nothing surprising here. The NBA is run by the players, not the owners. And by the way, if I have title to anything, I OWN IT. If blacks don’t like the term, they can all go back to Africa. This is not yet socialist America and we are still under capitalism. Ownership of a team is an offshoot of that. Why do none of these millionaire blacks buy a team? Probably because like anything else black-owned and run, it goes to hell in a handbasket very quickly.

  • Art LaPella says:

    I am the governor of this computer I’m typing on. We mustn’t let anyone think I own the people who made it. So if it’s OK with all the stakeholders, I’ll post this comment. Can I click the next story now?

  • Sandra says:

    Now the NBA is caving to these idiots that get payed millions just like the NFL caved to the idiots that kneel for the anthem. Hockey is looking better and better to me!

  • CF