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A 22-year-old woman was killed early Monday in an apparent random shooting as she was leaving a protest in Davenport, Iowa, the Associated Press reported — and the victim’s sister recorded an angry, tear-filled video blaming protesters and saying one of them pulled the trigger.

Italia Marie Kelly was the oldest of five siblings, the AP said, and her younger sister — 19-year-old Jasmine Kelly — recorded the video hours after the shooting.

“A protester shot my sister! A protester!” Jasmine Kelly yelled as she cried. “You’re so mad at the police that you’re hurting everyone else … you guys killed my sister!”

Kelly emphasized several times that police didn’t fire the gun but that “it was one of y’all.”

“You walk around with guns … you act and pretend to be tough, and you pretend to be something you’re not, and you got my sister killed … by your f***ing ignorance. I gotta bury my sister!”

She added, “This was the ignorance of every single one of y’all that decided to shoot into a f***ing crowd, and that bullet just happened to hit my sister!”

“My sister is gone because one of you, a protester, shot my sister!” Kelly said.

Police Chief Paul Sikorski told the AP that the fatal shootings of Kelly and another person elsewhere in the city are under investigation. The outlet added that a third person was injured in gunfire outside a jewelry store.

More from the outlet:

Kelly joined a protest over the death of George Floyd after getting off work at a restaurant Sunday night, according to her aunt, Amy Hale of Atchison, Kansas. She lived nearby.

Kelly, who is biracial and went by the last name Impinto, and a friend were getting in a vehicle to leave around midnight because the protest outside a Walmart had turned unruly, Hale said.

That’s when she was struck in the back by a bullet that went through her shoulder and chest, likely killing her instantly, Hale said. Attempts to resuscitate her were not successful, and Kelly was pronounced dead at a hospital.

Police said they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the death and that no arrests had been made. Her family called on any witnesses to come forward with information about the shooting and for an end to violence in the city.

“She was always smiling, always laughing. That’s why it’s so sad that she was taken in such a violent way,” Hale told the AP. “That is not Italia. She was the bright, bubbly, big personality in the room.”

Police told the outlet that dozens of people gathered at a mall late Sunday and later fanned out across the city in vehicles, firing guns and damaging businesses. At one point, a police cruiser was ambushed with gunfire, and an officer was injured, the AP said.

“It’s hard; she didn’t deserve this,” Kelly’s mother, Sharon Kelly, told WQAD-TV.

Sharon Kelly got the call about her daughter from another daughter who was listening to police scanner traffic, the station said, adding that they knew Italia was out protesting, and that she sent her sister a video of her doing so — just 10 minutes before she was gunned down, her mother added.

“She was here trying to protest peacefully,” Sharon Kelly in tears told WQAD. “These idiots just want to take it out of control and bring guns to a situation that don’t need to be here. This needs to stop. It needs to stop now before another mother has to grieve like I do, and cry over her baby [being] gone. It’s gotta stop.”

Kelly added to the station: “We need to stop the racism in the city. We need to stop the black and white issue. That’s why she was here, trying to get the message across, and it ended her life.”

  • bobp says:

    Ignorant slut should not of been there then !

  • LST says:

    All of this chaos over one nigger criminal thug. You can bet this shit is all financed by Soros.

  • Big D says:

    If your sister was at home instead of protesting and rioting she would still be alive, it’s her own F’ing fault!
    So get over it!

  • MAC says:

    Sorry kid. You will know them by the fruits they sow.

  • Mickey says:

    What was you and your sister doing at a protest? Good help us!!

  • frederick says:

    Old Man Here; Really, sometimes you people make some stupid remarks. True there are a lot of bad people out there rioting , stealing and ,obviously killing innocent folks who are protesting peacefully. This young lady joined the protest after getting off work. She was not a professional or hired agitator and some of you idiots call her foul names. George Floyd was a professional criminal who most likely would have been shot by some drug dealer anyway. He was high as a kite and passing counterfeit money when they stopped him. I am a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran. I have seen white men injured and killed while trying to save their black buddies. Blacks saving whites and whites saving blacks. Real men, not a bunch of animals running around acting tough. I support President Trump’s proposal to send our military into these cities and restore order. Military men and women will not back down and are colorblind. When the enemy is within, we have to root them out.

  • Sara59 says:

    There is a big difference between a protest and a riot the is not about George Floyd . Protesters are showing their anger about him being killed and the way it happened by a police officer. This girl was killed by rioters out to cause trouble. The rioters are no different than the police officers. Stop this madness before it is one of your loved ones. A mother a child a grandparent. The only people that sent these people in to loot and cause trouble are sitting on their couches eating popcorn watching the show. My prayers are with both families involved in this they both have lost some one they loved dearly one by a police officer one by a paid instigator.

  • CF